How can Airlines Recognize Prospects Earlier in the Booking Journey?


Identifying customers is challenging for most airlines. Passengers often search for tickets on multiple devices while comparing offers, and most of this process happens before they log in.
How can airline marketers personalize the experience for both known and unknown website visitors?

In this video, our Strategy Consultant Richard Jonkhof explains how a Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables airline marketers to recognize customers even before they log in and offer them a personalized experience, based on their individual preferences.

How can Airlines recognize prospects earlier in the booking journey?

How can Customer Data Platforms help Airlines?

A CDP connects online and offline data from all systems and channels to create a single customer view.
The Relay42 CDP helps marketers gather and store information about customers even before they log in. This helps airlines recognize customer needs at any stage of their journey and create tailored campaigns.
Behavioral data is stored on a profile level, so marketers can personalize the customer experience for all visitors. As soon as a visitor is identified, customer data, like interest and booking history, becomes available and can be used to personalize the journey even further.
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