How can Insurance Providers Improve Digital Customer Service?


Marketers working at insurance providers know that when customers reach out, it's usually because they need help quickly. Quality customer service has become a key factor in setting insurance companies apart from their competitors.
So, how can insurance providers keep up with demand while improving customer service?

In this video, our Customer Success Manager Marion Traa shares how Customer Data Platforms enable insurance marketers to improve their digital self-service solutions, empowering customers to find the answers to their questions quickly, while also reducing the pressure (and costs!) on the call center agents.

How can insurance providers improve digital customer service?

So how can Customer Data Platforms help marketers at insurance providers?

A CDP can provide marketing teams with data-based insights to deliver customer service through digital channels. 

For example, tracking website behavior that visitors usually show before contacting the call center. A CDP can provide unique insights that can be used on landing pages and in a chatbot so that customers can find the answers they need quickly and efficiently. Additionally, by improving self-service solutions, marketing teams can reduce the pressure (and costs!) on the call center.
If you're curious to learn how a CDP can help your marketing team, book a demo with our team.