Increasing Upsell and Cross-Sell Purchases at Utilities


For Utilities, cross-and-upsells are crucial for driving revenue, enhancing loyalty, and achieving sustainability goals.

But with millions of customers, how can you meet each individual's needs and offer the right extra service or solution?

In this video, our Customer Success Manager Marion Traa shares how Customer Data Platforms enable marketers to automatically identify what each customer needs and provide the right upsell offer, at the right time.

Increasing Upsell and Cross-Sell Purchases

So how can Customer Data Platforms help Utilities?

A CDP allows marketing teams to unify their customer data from all online and offline data sources. It provides new insights through extensive customer profiles containing their characteristics, preferences, and historical behavior. A CDP  enables marketing teams to create tailored, relevant offers, delivered via the right channel.  

For example, by sending out a newsletter covering solar panels to those customers who are homeowners and have shown interest in sustainability, or offering energy-saving tips based on their type of residence. 

Marketers can directly follow up with customers who express buying intent through an automated process, resulting in higher conversion rates and reduced operational costs.

Are you interested to learn how a CDP can help marketing teams in the Utilities?
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