How to leverage a CDP to acquire new customers in a cookieless world


In the second half of 2024 Google is set to remove the use of 3rd-party cookies from Chrome for programmatic targeting and measurement. With more than 60% of all web sessions across the world happening in Chrome, this is set to become the most fundamental change to digital programmatic advertising and retargeting since its inception.

In this video, our in-house strategy consultant, Richard Jonkhof, explains how to acquire new customers in a cookieless world, and how a Customer Data Platform built for acquisition marketing can help marketers to move away from DMPs and reliance on 3rd-party data/cookies, and protect future revenues.

How to acquire new customers in a cookieless world

Here is a summary of Richard's top tips:

  1. Build out your first-party data strategy
  2. Personalize your ads and creatives
  3. Create look-a-like audiences
  4. Bring back contextual targeting
  5. Experiment with ID graphs and Google's Protected Audience API (formally known as Google FLEDGE)
  6. Build 2nd party data partnerships

If you'd like to explore how the Relay42 Customer Data Platform is uniquely positioned to enable your business to move towards cookieless advertising and acquisition, based on first-party data activation, then book a demo with us today.