Video: Why Predictive AI Belongs in Every Marketing Stack


Have you ever used predictive AI-driven algorithms in your marketing campaigns?

Historically, marketing strategies have leaned on rules-based models and segmentation on a limited set of variables to categorize customers into groups to receive specific types of offers or messages.

In contrast, Predictive AI can analyze vast amounts of event data—every click, view, like, and purchase—to identify patterns and predict future behavior at an individual level.

At Relay42, we're passionate about empowering marketing teams with our Journey AI to predict conversions, churn, and Next-Best Actions (NBA).

 Why? Because AI enables marketers to:
✅ Gain truly profound insights into their customer data.
✅ Utilize these insights to craft exceptional customer experiences.
✅ Significantly improve the campaign performance. 

In this short video, our Founder, Tomas Salfischberger, shares why AI belongs in every marketing stack.

Why should predictive AI be a part of every marketing stack?

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