Evaluating CDPs? Here's what you need to consider


Are you looking to improve your customer experiences and increase engagement with your customers and prospects?

Customer Data Platforms are powerful technologies that help marketing teams unify customer data and use it to create relevant, personalized customer journeys across channels. 

But with over 100 different solutions available, it can be challenging to know where to start and how to choose the solution that is most suitable for your business.

In this video, our founder Tomas Salfischberger explains the key considerations you need to take when evaluating Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions. 

Evaluating CDPs - here's what you need to consider

The five key elements to consider when selecting a CDP:

  1. Understanding of rich first-party data - Consider how a CDP can help with rich first-party data and ensure that it understands the format and depth of your data.
  2. Connectivity to owned and paid media channels - Ensure that the CDP can connect all data sources data and has the ability to activate data across channels.
  3. Advanced Identity Management - ID management is the essential piece of technology that brings all data (first, second-and third-party) together into a single customer view.
  4. The ability to create fully personalized journeys - Ensure that the CDP can allow your marketing team to optimize the customer experience at every single step of the customer journey.
  5. Privacy and compliance measures - Ensure that your customer data is protected and that your marketing efforts are compliant with local regulations.

If you'd like to learn more about Customer Data Platforms and how to select one, just get in touch and book a demo with our team.