How can Airlines Boost Ancillary Revenue?


Airlines need ancillary revenue to stay competitive and profitable. 

But how do airline marketers decide what services to offer to which customers? 

In this video, our Strategy Consultant Richard Jonkhof explains how a Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables airline marketers to automatically identify what each customer needs and provide the right ancillary offer, at the right time.

How can Airlines boost ancillary revenue?

So how can Customer Data Platforms help Airlines?

With a CDP provides a comprehensive view of customer behavior and preferences. Airlines can use data such as past purchases, seat preferences, and travel frequency to make personalized offers to each individual customer.
For instance, if data shows that a customer travels sometimes with a pet, the airline can offer them a pet-friendly travel package during the booking process.
Offering relevant ancillaries enhances the customer experience and increases revenue.

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