How to be successful with a Customer Data Platform


Defining the success metrics of a CDP program is no simple task. For more than a decade, we've guided digital experts in translating their business objectives into the use cases that will support them.

So how do you define the success of your CDP program, and what metrics should you consider?

In this video, our in-house strategy consultant, Richard Jonkhof, explains the Goal Tree methodology and how digital experts can use it in order to set clear objectives for their CDP program.

Video - How to be successful with a Customer Data Platform

The key steps in defining the success of your CDP program using the Goal Tree methodology:

  1. Define your North Star ambition
  2. Define the key success metrics (e.g. revenue, NPS, customer satisfaction)
  3. Specify the KPis of the use cases (e.g. conversions, returning bookers)
  4. Build the actual use cases 
  5. Build a road map of use cases
  6. Report the results

Do you need help defining your CDP goals and Goal Tree? 

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