How to Improve Lead Generation in the Utilities Sector


How can you attract new customers with the right product and offer?

That’s a question many utility companies struggle with. When your primary product is a commodity, there are few ways to get prospects to choose your company over the competition.

In this video, our Customer Success Manager Marion Traa shares how Customer Data Platforms help marketers in the utilities to convert prospects to customers.

How to Improve Lead Generation in the Utilities Sector

So how can a Customer Data Platform help Utilities?

With a CDP in place, the marketing team can easily build a lead-scoring model, enabling them to invest a marketing budget based on the prospects' likelihood to convert. The higher the likelihood of a customer or a prospect buying a product, the higher the investment. No more wasted budget on customers who are not in the market for a given product that the company offers.

Here's a simple step-by-step process of building a lead-scoring model:

  1. Start by defining the customer journey and pinpoint each online event that indicates the level of engagement.
  2. Assign a value to each action to provide every online visitor with a total score.
  3. Once they reach a set number of points, they become qualified leads.

If you'd like to learn more about Customer Data Platforms, just get in touch and book a demo with our team.