Case Study: How to increase leads in automotive financing

How to increase leads in automotive financing


About the company

We cooperated with our partner CJ Worx to help the automotive branch of a multinational financial services organization.

This brand is a leader in automotive financing in Thailand, specializing in loans for new and used cars, as well as car refinancing.



As a leader in automotive financing products, the brand is facing increasing pressure from both financial services as well as auto manufacturers.

As a result, acquiring new customers is becoming more difficult and the cost of customer acquisition is rising.

Strategic objective

With the Relay42 platform, the marketing team aimed to optimize their targeting across channels and thereby make customer acquisition more effective and efficient

The team's key objective was to gain a deeper understanding of the behavior of their prospective customers across complex journeys in order to anticipate the needs of their customers and be able to respond to each one with the right message, at the right time, on the right channel.

The solution

For their first use case, the marketing team focused on driving leads through Facebook — the most influential communication channel in Thailand. 


  • Increase the leads for car loans while optimizing the media spend on the main communication channel, Facebook.
  • Personalize the communication based on the preferences of each website visitor.
  • Enable the marketing team to manage all campaigns via one central hub.


For this use case, the marketing team connected the brand’s website and the Facebook channel.

As the brand only provides financial products for car purchases, they partnered with a car dealer and established a second-party data connection to capture visitors’ interest in particular car models.

The customer journey


The marketing team compared the results of the use case with the performance of their campaigns before they onboarded Relay42 and were happy to learn that the use case significantly outperformed their expectations.

With Relay42, the brand was able to achieve a 465% increase in leads — 3 times more than their initial KPIs.

This highly personalized strategy also optimized the media spend, resulting in an 84% reduction in cost per lead (CPL).

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