Love Your Customers and They'll Love You Back


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Love Your Customers and They'll Love You Back

Personalization has changed for customers, but most companies missed the memo...

As fickle as today’s customers famously are, they also love convenience, reward, and excellence. This means feeling known, and being known, on
a deeper level than first-name basis. It means experiencing service as more than being added to a basket of fellow ‘Barcelona-lovers’ or ‘first-time
home buyers’ for digital campaigns.

Rather than focusing on these audience-based assumptions as a strategy for customer experience, it’s time for us to zoom in on the individual to
deliver on each of their unique experiences with companies — one-to-one. Outstanding personalization is achievable now, whichever path your
customer decides to take, and it makes a big difference to the way businesses both deliver and generate value.

It’s time to give customers exactly what they’re looking for, by building on the data they share with you every day.

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