Data Management for Utilities Data Management for Utilities

Data Management for Utilities

Marketers of energy products realise they need to give their existing customers a boost.

Working within a saturated market, the rush for retention means keeping customers from switching to your competitors; and how to do that? You need to know the difference between those considering buying, and those who have already bought. You need to reclaim your own data.

Think connections to your CRM database. By unifying this data through a Data Management Platform, you can use it online. You can identify loyal customers: stay away from irrelevant, impersonal re-targeting, and deliver a personalised offer instead. You know when they need to renew their energy plan.

Evolve every customer experience into a relevant dialogue; retain your customers, and watch results soar.

  • Activate offline customer data by connecting your CRM system with every digital channel
  • Differentiate between customer and prospect, and personalise every inch of outreach
  • Get rid of wastage through connecting owned and paid channels
  • Save on media spend by understanding your consumers through a single customer view
5 customer retention tips for energy companies

5 customer retention tips for energy companies

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