How Insurances Embrace Customer Centricity

This insurance company serves more than 3.4 million customers. The company is committed to its mission to stand by its customers and provide the most suitable healthcare for everyone. For the marketing team, this translates to understanding the needs of their customers and offering them the most relevant communication across channels. To achieve this ambition, the team connected their ecosystem to the Relay42 platform and started working toward fully personalizing their customer journeys.
Increase in email open rate
Increase in email click-through rate
The Challenge


This insurance landscape breeds fierce competition among insurance companies — particularly during the period when consumers may switch providers. As an insurer, it is thus vital to be able to offer the most suitable product and service to every single consumer.

To maintain its current customer base and continue to grow, this insurer must both provide outstanding service to its existing customers and create an innovative, future-forward marketing strategy that will attract new customers during the narrow acquisition window.

The Solution

Connecting the marketing ecosystem

With the help of the Relay42 team, the insurer connected their CRM, email system, website, and call center. With the Relay42 Platform in place, the marketing team can capture the on-site behavior of their customers and prospects and use this to automate personalized content in real-time.

If customers can’t find what they’re looking for, the insurer will trigger an email with additional relevant information on the topic they were interested in. Call center agents are now also able to see the customer’s interests and provide the most relevant information quickly and efficiently. 

The fact we could connect our existing marketing technologies within 3 months meant we could quickly prove the value of what we were doing, with great results, and continue to keep our customers happy with real-time relevance on any platform we choose.

Project Manager & Web Analyst